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Welcome and thank you for stopping by, we really appreciate your interest in our product.

A little bit about us, we’ve been in the tree business industry for more than 28 years. Based in our experienced along the years we have created the Iron boot spurs (hooks, Spikes) however you want to
call them. Our primary focus is targeting the problems that a climber experiences on a daily basis when climbing trees with spurs, especially when worn for a long period of time. Being a climber for 6 straight years before moving up to management I know exactly the pinpoints and problems a climber encounter’s when using spikes.

One of the problems is when you must put all your weight on a small piece of iron or metal under your feet, this problem alone causes secondary effects to some climbers because it causes poor blood circulation to the feet for the fact that it numbs the feet most of the time. Therefore, we have created our footplate to mitigate and solve this problem and any experienced climber will notice the value this feature alone provides.

Another problem is the pain, stress, and soreness the shank causes when it digs deep into your shins and calf muscle it is very painful and uncomfortable. Therefore, we also came up with a shank that comes with a flexible height adjuster, this adjuster flexes and bends with the movement of the legs, this is a game changer, because with this component we are solving that problem that has agonized climbers for years. This feature alone has no price when looking to work comfortable and more efficient when climbing a tree.

Our mission and goal with our products is mainly to provide climbers all around the world a pleasant experience when climbing with spikes.

For all of you! Iron boot users, we really appreciate your business, and we want to hear back from you, please send us your comments, reviews, good or bad we appreciate them all. Your feedback will help us to become better every day and work hard to provide our climber’s community a better, safer, and more comfortable product.

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Israel De La Paz


Juan Antonio Alarcon
Co-founder/ Managing Director
Development & Production